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What is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a metric, scored 1-100, that communicates your overall website’s power to rank high in search results. It’s calculated based on the quantity, authority and relevance of external sites linking to your domain. The higher the better.

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Why Domain Authority Matters

A higher domain authority score leads to better rankings and visibility across your website. It demonstrates to Google the trustworthiness of your domain. Sites with greater authority tend to outperform lower authority competitors.

How to Check Your Domain Authority

Tools like Optimized24 make it easy to check your domain authority anytime. Just enter your root domain, and Optimized24 will fetch and display your current Moz domain authority score. This allows tracking it over time.

link referrers tool

How to Improve Domain Authority

If your website has lower domain authority, here are proven ways to strengthen it:

  • Produce more high-quality content that earns natural links from authority sites.
  • Build internal links across your site to pass authority to lower pages.
  • Fix technical issues onsite like site speed to eliminate link barriers.
  • Conduct focused outreach to appropriate sites requesting links to your domain.
  • Promote your brand through PR, social media and partnerships to build credibility.
  • Monitor competitors’ link building for new link prospects.

With steady effort over 6-12 months, substantial domain authority gains are very possible.

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Avoid Shortcuts That Could Backfire

When trying to build domain authority, some common mistakes include:

🔗 Pursuing low-quality links from spammy or irrelevant sites which can actually hurt your rankings.

🤖 Using shady automated services that try to fake higher authority with massive volumes of manipulate links.

🥊 Getting obsessed with competitors’ scores rather than focusing on your own growth strategy.

😡 Getting impatient for overnight results. Remember – real authority building takes time.

The key is being diligent and earning links sustainably from reputable sources. Don’t jeopardize your site’s integrity with risky shortcuts.

Keep Domain Authority Top of Mind

With the right tracking and diligent effort, you can consistently build domain authority over time. Since higher authority boosts search visibility across your website, make monitoring it an ongoing priority. Consistent domain authority growth will lead to major SEO success.