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Boost Your Page Authority for Better SEO – A Marketer’s Guide

As an SEO professional, monitoring and improving your website’s page authority is essential for ascending in search rankings. Page authority acts as an indicator of how well a specific page will rank for targeted keywords. Here I’ll share my proven playbook for boosting page authority.

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What is Page Authority?

Page authority is a metric, scored 1-100, that predicts your page’s ability to rank well in search engines like Google. It’s calculated based on the number, authority and relevance of external sites linking to that page. The higher the score, the better.

Why Page Authority Matters

Higher page authority improves search visibility and click-through-rate for that page. Pages with higher authority tend to rank above those with lower authority when targeting the same keywords. Having more pages with strong authority equals more overall traffic.

link referrers tool

How to Check Your Page Authority

Link analysis tools like Optimized24 make it easy to monitor your page authority scores over time. You simply enter any URL, and the tool calculates and displays the Moz page authority score. This allows tracking adjustments and optimization impacts.

How to Improve Low Page Authority

If your top pages have low authority scores, here are proven tactics to strengthen them:

  • Produce more in-depth, useful content on those pages to attract links naturally.
  • Build internal links to pass authority from higher-scoring pages on your site.
  • Fix technical issues like site speed to lift barriers to earning links.
  • Conduct outreach to appropriate sites asking for contextual links to those pages.
  • Promote your low authority pages through social media, PR, email lists, etc. to build awareness.
  • Monitor competitors link building to identify new link opportunities.

With a concerted effort, significant page authority gains are achievable over 6-12 months.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

When trying to improve page authority levels, some common missteps include:

🔗 Chasing low-quality links from spammy or irrelevant sites which can actually damage rankings.

🤖 Using automated software or services that try to fake higher authority with massive volumes of low-quality links.

🥊 Getting obsessed with competitors’ scores rather than focusing on your own growth strategy.

😡 Getting impatient and frustrated if scores don’t rise overnight. Remember – genuine authority building takes time.

The best approach is to remain diligent and patient working to earn links from reputable sources. Don’t take shortcuts that could jeopardize your site’s health.

Monitor Page Authority for Ongoing Gains

With the right tracking tools and optimization effort, you can consistently improve your page authority levels over time. Higher authority correlates directly to higher rankings and organic visibility. By making page authority analysis a regular part of your workflow, you’ll unlock new growth opportunities.