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Supercharging Your SEO with a Score Checker Tool

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for every website owner who wants their site to be found online. But juggling all the different factors that go into effective SEO can be overwhelming. 

This is where a top-notch In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about how to utilize an SEO score checker tool to boost your search rankings. You’ll learn:

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Let’s dive in!

What is an SEO Score Checker and Why Do You Need One?

An SEO score checker, also sometimes called an SEO auditor or grader, is a specialized tool that analyzes your website according to key Here are some of the main benefits of using an SEO scoring tool:

Reduce the effort of manually auditing your site or hiring consultants.

In short, an SEO checker tool is invaluable for streamlining site audits, benchmarking against rivals, monitoring progress, and getting easy-to-implement tips to improve search rankings.

How Do SEO Score Checkers Work?

SEO analytic tools work by crawling a website and scanning the content, code, links and numerous other elements using automated bots and algorithms.

Here is an overview of what happens behind the scenes when you run an SEO site audit:

  1. Crawling and Indexing – The SEO checker systematically browses all webpages like a search bot to access and index page content.
  2. Technical Analysis – The site’s underlying technical SEO factors are evaluated like HTML validity, site speed, security, etc.
  3. On-page Assessment – The content itself is analyzed including text, titles, headings, meta data, media, internal linking and more.
  4. Backlink Analysis – The number, quality and anchortext of external backlinks pointing to the site are examined.
  5. Scoring Calculations – All the metrics are calculated using proprietary algorithms into an overall 0-100 SEO score.
  6. Recommendations – Specific tips and next steps are provided for optimizing the elements that most need improvement.
  7. Comparative Benchmarking – Your website’s SEO is compared against top competitors and industry averages.
  8. Custom Reporting – A report with the audit results, scoring, and recommendations is generated.
  9. Progress Tracking – Changes in the site’s SEO score are monitored over time to track improvements.

So in a nutshell, SEO checkers use automated bots to evaluate all critical ranking factors, then provide actionable advice and scoring metrics to measure your optimization progress.

Choosing the Best SEO Score Checker

Many SEO tools include site audit and scoring functionality. Here are the key factors to consider when picking the right one:


  • Comprehensiveness – Assess both on-page and off-page optimization.
  • Page Speed Monitoring – Check site performance and load times.
  • HTML Validation – Ensure code complies with standards.
  • Link Analysis – Evaluate quality of external backlinks.
  • Suggestion Quality – Actionable, specific tips for improving SEO.
  • Comparative Data – Benchmark against top competitors.
  • Custom Reporting – Tailored SEO audit reports.
  • Progress Tracking – Monitor changes in SEO score over time.
  • Google Integration – Incorporate Google Search Console data.
  • Affordability – Reasonable pricing for solo entrepreneurs or small businesses.
  • Ease of Use – User-friendly interface and workflow.


Based on these criteria, optimized24 stands out as one of the top SEO grader solutions available:

  • Unlimited URLs analyzed
  • Full on-page optimization checker
  • Page speed monitoring
  • HTML validation and broken links assessment
  • Powerful competitor SEO benchmarking
  • Integration with Google Search Console
  • Simple and clear 0-100 scoring system
  • Very affordable subscription pricing
  • User-friendly interface

Overall, Optimized24 provides one of the most robust SEO auditing and scoring tools available for an extremely competitive price point versus alternatives.

Expert Tips for Improving Your SEO Score

Here are some pro tips from SEO experts for quickly boosting a low SEO score:


  • Prioritize technical site fixes – Address critical issues like broken links preventing crawler access.
  • Optimize page copy – Target key phrases in headings, titles, URLs, meta descriptions.
  • Get more authoritative backlinks – Focus on earning links from high-quality niche websites.
  • Build engagement – Increase social sharing and user-generated content links.
  • Strengthen internal linking – Link to important pages using targeted anchor text.
  • Add more high-value content – Create content pillars targeting your focus keywords.
  • Leverage structured data – Implement markup for rich search snippets.
  • Improve site speed – Reduce page load times and file sizes for better performance.


Start with quick wins in these high-impact areas most likely to give your SEO score an immediate boost.

For even more tips to optimize your website and skyrocket your SEO score, check out <a href=””>Optimized24’s comprehensive SEO best practices guide</a>.

Get Started Boosting Your SEO Today

As you can see, using a robust SEO score checker tool is critical for identifying issues hindering your search rankings and visibility.

The actionable tips it provides will allow you to execute targeted optimizations to start climbing higher in the search results and leaving competitors behind.

Stop struggling with DIY audits or paying expensive consultants and agencies. Sign up now for optimized24 to start leveraging an advanced SEO grader and boosting your website’s search performance.

Additional SEO Score Optimization Tips

Beyond the basics, there are some more advanced tactics you can use to optimize your website and improve your SEO score:

Optimize Site Architecture

  • Ensure your site has a clear hierarchical structure with logical navigation and page flow. Avoid deeply nested pages.
  • Make sure key site content is accessible within 3 clicks from homepage.
  • Utilize effective URL structures and keywords, but avoid over-optimization.
  • Set proper rel=”canonical” tags to avoid duplicate content issues.
  • Have a separate mobile-optimized site or use responsive design.

Enhance Page Authority

  • Build links to deep pages rather than just the homepage.
  • Promote your best content, not just latest. Link internally to highlight popular evergreen pages.
  • Encourage social engagement and links to pages with high-quality assets like reports, guides and tools.
  • Periodically refresh or update old content to reinvigorate potential links.

Improve Site Security

  • Upgrade your site to HTTPS encryption and obtain an SSL certificate. This improves SEO and user trust.
  • Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to force connections over HTTPS.
  • Use strong server-level caching and compression like Redis or Varnish for speed and security.
  • Leverage content delivery networks like Cloudflare for caching and DDoS protection.

Optimize Site Speed

  • Enable GZIP compression and leverage browser caching.
  • Minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code to reduce file sizes.
  • Optimize images and enable lazy loading for faster page loads.
  • Defer non-critical JavaScript using asynchronous tags.
  • Streamline web font usage and eliminate render-blocking resources.


Mastering both basic and advanced SEO optimizations is key for maximizing your website’s search rankings and visibility over the long-term. Consistently monitoring your SEO score with a tool like Optimized24 will ensure you catch any issues as they arise.

With a comprehensive technical and content auditing strategy informed by your SEO checker results, you will be able to achieve continual improvements over time. This will translate into significant organic growth in qualified website traffic, leads, and sales.

SEO Score Checker Case Studies

To see the powerful real-world results possible with an SEO scoring tool, let’s look at some examples:

Case Study 1 – DIY Website Audit

John has a small business website he manages himself. He signed up for the $99/month Optimized24 plan to use the SEO grader and other tools to audit his site.

The initial scan returned a score of just 46/100, indicating major issues. The checker identified serious technical problems including:

  • Non-secure HTTP website
  • Over 20 broken links
  • Multiple duplicate pages flagged by Google
  • No meta data implementation
  • Slow page load times

By systematically working through the highest priority recommendations in the audit report, John was able to increase his SEO score to 73 within just 2 months. Traffic from organic search increased by 55%.

Case Study 2 – Agency SEO Reporting

Sarah’s marketing agency needed to demonstrate the value of their SEO services to clients with tangible reports.

They began using Optimized24’s white label SEO audit reports branded with the agency logo and colors. This gave them a professional way to showcase recommendations and track SEO score improvements over their retention period.

With detailed metrics and progress tracking, the agency was able to justify premium retainers and contract renewals based on the visibility gains achieved for clients.

Case Study 3 – Increasing Organic Traffic

Mike’s small ecommerce site was generating minimal organic sales traffic. He signed up for Optimized24’s SEO tools and his initial site audit score was just 51.

By mining the SEO checker suggestions and focusing on better technical optimization, content improvements, and ethical link building, Mike was able to achieve an SEO score of 82 within 5 months. His organic traffic increased by 215% and organic sales rose by 35%.

As you can see from these examples, pairing a robust SEO scoring tool like Optimized24 with the execution of the recommendations can yield significant gains in search performance and visibility for any type or size of website.

Leveraging SEO Score Data

SEO scoring tools provide a wealth of valuable performance data you can leverage beyond just the overall score itself:

  • Share reports with stakeholders – Keep internal teams and management informed on SEO progress.
  • Justify SEO budgets – Quantify the ROI and value of optimization efforts.
  • Identify new opportunities – Uncover related keywords and content gaps for targeting.
  • Predict revenue impact – Correlate SEO score improvements to leads and sales.
  • Optimize campaigns – Adjust marketing initiatives based on score changes.
  • Refine link building – Double down on tactics improving domain and page authority.
  • Personalize outreach – Contact sites linking to competitors but not you.
  • Prioritize technical fixes – Sequence work based on crawl errors and site speed.
  • Set realistic goals – Establish reasonable SEO scoring targets over time.
  • Troubleshoot issues – Isolate score drops to identify root causes.
  • Track competitor actions – Monitor their scores to analyze their strategies.

Having access to historical SEO scoring data unlocks many possibilities for custom reporting, forecasting, competitive intelligence and more.

Maintaining Continuous SEO Improvements

A one-time website audit is just the starting point. To maintain search visibility over the long term:

  • Conduct recurring SEO checks – Audit your site monthly or quarterly.
  • Monitor for new issues – Be alerted to new problems negatively impacting score.
  • Keep pages fresh – Update old content and replace outdated info.
  • Expand your content – Continuously add new pages targeting new keywords.
  • Build new links – Don’t neglect link building as site evolves.
  • Check mobile optimization – Assess how enhancements affect mobile score.
  • Watch for Google algorithm updates – Detect any impacts on your page rankings.
  • Evaluate competitors – See how your SEO stacks up over time.

Regularly checking your website’s SEO score will ensure you always have your finger on the pulse of your current search presence and visibility.

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